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Keynote Speaker: Eric Anderson

After being given up for adoption at birth Eric was lucky to be adopted at the age of two and this is where Eric Anderson’s story begins! Because Eric was being abused he was removed from his adoptive home and placed back in California’s Child Welfare System from there he lived in numerous foster homes and group homes until he was eighteen.

During this time in his life he was going through some serious personal challenges, however Eric was able to focus on a gift given to him before he was placed back in foster care.  When Eric was five years old his adoptive father taught him a simple magic trick.  The art of magic gave Eric something positive to focus on while he was being shuffled from home to home.

The Art of Magic SAVED Eric’s life! After serving a brief stint in the United States Air Force and working a few odd jobs Eric decided to make his dream come true.  Eric’s goal was to travel the world entertaining audiences with his unique brand of magic.   So he bought a one way ticket on a Greyhound Bus from San Diego to Atlanta Georgia and said “I’ll figure it out when I get there.”

With hard work Eric turned The Art of Magic into a profitable business entertaining at high profile events around the world.  He performed at the 1996 Centennial Olympics, Super Bowl XXXII, Super Bowl XXXIV and his list of corporate clients reads like a list of Who’s Who in Corporate America.

For years he was Living His Dream when a friend suggested he share his Personal Story with his audiences.  After asking her WHY? She told Eric – when people see your show they will have a lot of questions about how you’re able to do some of things you do.  I think you should tell your story and explain WHY you do what you do.
One of the things Eric learned is sometimes our Goal(s) will lead us to our real goal.  And that’s exactly what happened.

That’s when Eric became known as The Magician with a Message.  Magicians are known for keeping secrets Eric loves to share one of life’s greatest secrets – regardless of your background and what you have gone through with The Magic of Attitude you can take the cards you are dealt and Live a Magical Life.  Currently Eric resides in Atlanta Georgia with his family.


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