We Want to Change the Way People Think about Prevention

Prevent Child Abuse Georgia offers a variety of low or no cost trainings that help communities and family serving organizations understand the vital role they play in child abuse prevention. Trainings touch on topics such as early child development, protective factors, and how to report suspected abuse.

Review all the available trainings and fill out the form below to request an in-person training. Please try to request trainings at least 4 weeks in advance when possible.

Free In-Person Mandated Reporter Training

Child serving professionals and volunteers may suspect child abuse or have a child disclose abuse to them through their work with children. Ideally, mandated reporting is the early recognition of child maltreatment with the goal of preventing further abuse and through intervention can help reduce the adverse consequences of maltreatment. However, barriers such as fear of reporting, the inability to recognize all forms of child maltreatment, and vague organizational policies may prevent professionals from making a mandated reporter of child maltreatment.

Prevent Child Abuse Georgia has trained professionals throughout the state of Georgia to deliver Mandated Reporter Training to communities, professionals, or groups who wish to have in-person training.

Mandated Reporter Training Objectives:

  • Understand  how the laws around mandated reporting affect you
  • Define four types of abuse and related indicators
  • Describe the process for handling a disclosure of abuse
  • Follow the basic procedure for reporting suspected child abuse

You can request a FREE MANDATED REPORTER TRAINING by filling out the form below.

Stewards of Children- Child Sexual Abuse Prevention

The Stewards of Children training curriculum is a sexual abuse prevention training program developed by a Charleston, SC based nonprofit, Darkness to Light (D2L), and is the only adult-focused, evidence-informed curriculum proven to increase knowledge and attitudes about child sexual abuse and to change behaviors promoting protective factors. The Georgia initiative is lead by the Georgia Center for Child Advocacy.

The one-time 2 ½ hour Stewards of Children program is available through a group session led by an authorized facilitator as well as online. The training is appropriate for parents as well as professionals and volunteers in youth-serving organizations such as schools, faith centers, camps, daycares, sports leagues, and clubs.
Program Outcomes:

  • Increased awareness of the prevalence, consequences, and circumstances of child sexual abuse
  • New skills to help adults prevent, recognize, and react responsibly to child sexual abuse
  • Positive change to organizational policies and procedures
  • Individual empowerment through a personal prevention plan

*There is a $15 per person cost associated with this training.

Strengthening Families Georgia
Strengthening Families Georgia (SFG) represents a multi-disciplinary partnership of nearly 50 national, state and local, and public and private organizations dedicated to embedding five research-based Protective Factors into services and supports for children and their families. Trainings on the five Protective Factors are intended for family and child serving professionals, community agencies, school or early care employees, or anyone who is interested in supporting families in their area. Six individual 2-hour SFG training modules can be presented face-to-face.

The SFG modules titles follow:

  • Strengthening Families Georgia: An Effective Approach to Supporting Families and Communities
  • Strengthening Families Through Parental Resilience
  • Strengthening Families Through Social Connections
  • Strengthening Families Through Knowledge of Child Development
  • Strengthening Families Through Concrete Support in Times of Need
  • Strengthening Families through the Promotion of Social and Emotional Competence in Children


Read each training modules description and objectives here.

Better Brains for Babies- Infant Brain Development

The development of a young child's brain is a tremendous opportunity and an awesome responsibility. The growing awareness of early brain development and its role in improving child outcomes led to a Georgia training initiative, Better Brains for Babies (BBB), to share this information widely in the state. The Importance of Play Factsheet
You can request a Better Brains for Babies training on the following topics

    • Early Brain Development
    • Foundations for Learning
    • Attachment
    • Play
    • Stress and Trauma

Please contact Naeshia McDowell with any questions regarding trainings,